Investment Risk Warnings

The material on this site is for information purposes only and provides background to the risks inherent in a range of financial instruments that may be available to you as a client of Vantage Limited. You should ensure that you fully understand the nature of such investments and the potential risks relevant to them.

Investments of any kind have risks attached. World events can have catastrophic effects on what some may consider to be viewed as even the lowest risk investment products. We would also bring to your attention the following:

  • Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.
  • The value of your investments can rise and fall.
  • You may not get back the amount you originally invested.
  • Income received from your investments may rise and fall and may not be guaranteed.
  • Taxation rates and tax reliefs can change over time.
  • Some funds, such as emerging markets, commodities, hedge funds and funds that hold other currencies other than sterling can offer even greater risks to your capital. They also may deal infrequently and may delay redemption.
  • Your risk reward attitude may change with market sentiment or change in personal circumstances, therefore you must inform us of these changes immediately and arrange a review of your investments.
  • Failure to disclose any personal health information on applications for life or critical illness insurance policies can result in non-payment of benefits.

Our Professionally qualified investment advisors will aim to advise on the right investments to suite your personal circumstances by completing a comprehensive fact find. Should you not wish the fact find to be completed in full, it will be noted that advice has been given on a “limited” basis only.