061Vantage - Eddie McCafferty - (Cropped - Large)

About Eddie

Eddie manages the compliance and regulatory operation of the company. Acting as Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Money Laundering Compliance Officer she also supervises and advises on the day to day Anti Money Laundering risks and regulatory requirements faced by the business.

She holds the International Compliance Diploma and is the main point of contact with the Regulator.

She joined the company in 2010, after working at HSBC Private Bank for 21 years, where she built up a wide knowledge and experience in Trust Company Business, Private Banking, Investment and Insurance Mediation Business. Eddie headed up the compliance department at HSBC for 8 years, acting as MLRO and MLCO.

Born and educated in Jersey, Eddie has one son, who has just completed a three year degree, attaining first class honours at Chichester University. In her spare time Eddie enjoys socialising, travelling, reading, walking and dabbling in antiques and collectables.