Vantage HBA has acquired the business of Isle of Man based company Arpeggio, with effect from 31 August 2018.

Vantage HBA (VHBA) is a Jersey-based specialist human resources advisory and recruitment firm that also provides remuneration surveys for all levels of jobs and different pay sectors.  It has provided surveys in the Channel Islands for 22 years and has been running them in the Isle of Man for the last 16 years.

As well as offering a similar range of advisory services to VHBA, Arpeggio has, for the last 14 years, delivered salary and benefits reviews in the Isle of Man through its Arpeggio Pay Club, comparable to VHBA’s annual remuneration surveys. The acquisition will mean that VHBA will double the number of firms participating in its survey from across the Isle of Man’s varied business sectors.  All Arpeggio Pay Club members have been informed of the new arrangements.

The new Isle of Man organisation will trade as Vantage Arpeggio.

VHBA Managing Director Verienne Belcher said:

“Vantage HBA has expanded quickly during its first 18 months, not least with our remuneration survey in the Isle of Man that has been evolving as we have gathered feedback from existing participants and we have developed the participant base to ensure that as many of the islands’ business sectors are included as possible.

“The acquisition of Arpeggio forms part of our on-going growth strategy in the Isle of Man and having spent some time talking with clients, I have recognised that there is a clear market need and desire for the type of market intelligence our survey provides. I look forward to working with the Arpeggio Pay Club participants, to continuing to build relationships with them and with new participants in the future and to developing our recruitment and advisory services further on island.”

Arpeggio Director Julie Callow said:

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Vantage HBA. Vantage HBA has an excellent reputation in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and we share many core values. I know that our Pay Club participants will continue to receive high quality service delivery from the Vantage team and we look forward to working with them.”

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